Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The 5 Income Producing Activities To Do Everyday

1. Identify IPA's. (income producing activities).
IPA'S are what actually produce income for you, in turn are then considered an income producing activity.
Such as promoting your blog, starting a new paid advertising campaign, up selling your team through promotion of a product or the next event.
Now I'm not saying to go and sell everything and anything to your team...
... but what I'm saying is help them on their way to becoming rich. And we are talking about income producing activities and this would fit in that department.
Let me stray for a second on that subject line becoming rich or getting rich...
Here is the facts, people want to be rich. That's it, that's what people want whether they say it or not. Why do people cringe on that phrase... Getting rich or, get rich quick.
Why do people believe that in order to become rich it takes hours of work everyday. It takes a long daily grind to succeed?
This is the formula to Income Producing days working just around 2 hours.
2. Identify the 2 hours a day that your most productive.
Weather it be in the morning right when you wake up, or in the afternoon or late evening. Figure out what time you really click and use it to your advantage.
3. Make a To-do List for tomorrow.
When your winding down from the 2 hour block of "Income Producing" Activities, make your to-do list for tomorrow. Doing it now will be the time when your brain is charged and looking forward to what comes next to another 2 hour block of IPA's.
4. Practice managing your time.
You have 2 hours to burn through your Income Producing Activities. This in my opinion is the best way to go about this...
... Get a stopwatch and set it for 60 minutes. Go crazy and whip through as many IPA's as possible.
... Take a 10 minute break. Gather your thoughts for second, log into Facebook and click on that pic you have been dying to click on. But you didn't before.. because you knew it wasn't considered an IPA. Good Job!!
Please recognize that.. These 2 hours are for Income Producing activities only.
... Go at it again for another 60 minutes. Blow through the rest. Get it done.
... and when it has been 2 hours, or actually 2:10 to be exact...
... Pencils down. Hands up. Your done.
5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 Everyday
... Think of step 1 of the action assignments... as inspiration to producing step 2.
And use 3 and 4 as your IPA'S for the day.

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